The Architect & Me – Part 22: Holding the Vision

I’ve watched sketches come across on my computer for a couple of months. But, today, the final plans came. Every window. Every door. Every gutter. Every shingle. Every piece of stone. Every angle of the roof, all drawn out in architectural drawings. I sent them to FedEx to be printed and drove way too fast to get home so I could open them up. My pulse was as high as the day I met Andrea to talk about what I envisioned. I spread them across the kitchen counter and the impact of seeing everything that had been in my heart now on these drawings did something profound to me. Holy.

I walked through each one. Studying the locations of the windows. The eaves of the roof. The placement of the walls and cabinets. I studied every inch of those plans, amazed at God’s ability to take a dream He places in our heart, that makes its way to our head, that can then be fashioned on paper. One of my favorite passages of scripture is Habakkuk 2:2-3 “Write the vision down and make it plain on the tablet that those who read it may run with it. And though it tarry, do not worry, for it will not tarry forever.” I realized that it would be this dream from my heart, now on these drawings, that our builder and every contractor would run with.

They would use it to place walls. They would use it to build the staircase. They would use it to know where to put each shingle and each precisely cut piece of stone. They would use it to know where the columns went, and before I knew it a house would be built and it would have all come from these drawings in my hand. The vision God had given me to build His house had been made plain, written down, and now they would run with it.

There was a revelation in this for me. Visions rarely are solo creations. God loves to involve others in the visions He has purposed. Each person that works on our home God will bring. Each framer. Each electrician. Each plumber. Each cabinet maker. Each stone mason. These are people God will bring to help build this vision. God is going to employ a group to accomplish His vision. But had I never had it written down, they wouldn’t be able to run with it.

As I think of it, God has done the same with Reclaiming Hearts Ministries. God took the vision He put in my heart and through the years has allowed thousands of people to be ministered to through it, but it took the over forty-five active volunteers in different seasons, using their giftings, to accomplish all the vision God had placed in my heart. The same with each book I’ve written. I may have been the fingers on the keyboard, but there were hundreds of fingerprints that got it to a bookshelf to then get into a reader’s hand.

I ran my own fingers back over the blue lines of this home, that for this moment was just on paper, and I looked so forward to the journey of being able to run my fingers along each 2×4, and piece of stone, and granite as each one would take its place to make our home.

This truly was a holy moment. Like many I knew there would be to come…

Denise Jones Reclaiming Hearts

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