Meet Denise

Denise Jones grew up as a preacher’s kid. By the time she graduated high school she had lived in eight different cities and gone to as many schools. Yet South Carolina held her deep family heritage and her heart. It also afforded her a stable college season at The University of South Carolina where she majored in Journalism.
Arriving in Nashville to pursue her dream of becoming a Christian singer, it was the gift of writing and joy of teaching that eventually became the passion of her heart. Marrying in 1994 she pursued both of these giftings, producing five novels while traveling and speaking. However, with the loss of her marriage in 2007, Denise realized how indescribably shut-down her heart had become. Even while living obediently to her calling, her broken marriage had left her a shell of a person. The loss of that marriage sent her on an intentional journey to reclaim her heart.
That journey produced a sobering yet life-giving recounting of the first year of her divorce in a non-fiction book called, Flying Solo and birthed a ministry called Reclaiming Hearts that she now leads with her husband of over a decade, Philly.
Denise and Philly make their home in Georgia with their rambunctious Shih-tzu Gracie, while her five bonus kids are dispersed hither-and-yon. She loves reading a good book, sharing her dinner table with family and friends, laughter that comes from the toes, and evening boat rides on the lake. She also loves Jesus…she really loves Jesus.