The Architect & Me: Part #40 – Lake Life

The leaves on the hardwood tree that lives out by the ginormous pine on the point of the lot have started to turn a lovely hue of fire. I felt my heart grow sad when the first of its leaves began to fall. I was a little shocked at the sense of loss. As the […]

The Architect & Me: Part #39 – Moving Day

God is so exceptionally clever in how He made us complex creatures. I often wonder what His reactions are to our responses and emotions to the challenges and joys of life. I was giving Him ample opportunity to encounter mine, as it is move-in day and they are all over the place. Last night I […]

The Architect & Me: Part #38 – Discovering Philly

I didn’t see Philly Jones coming when he stole my heart. God was gracious not to fully allow me to know all that loving him would bring. But the last thirteen years have grown us, shaped us, and allowed us to discover so much about ourselves and each other. Marriage does that. Softens the rough […]

The Architect & Me: Part #37 – The Humbling

The activity was fierce as we pulled into the cul-de-sac. A month from move-in and our builder knew we were coming, ready or not. There were trucks like a swarm of fire ants down our drive, around the cul-de-sac, and on the vacant lot next door. Smoke billowed from the saw that was cutting the […]

The Architect & Me: Part #36 – Losing and Finding

I asked God, since I knew we were moving, “Please don’t let Sophie die until I can bury her at the lake.” I learned through my first dog, Maggie, that praying specific prayers goes straight to the heart of God. We were just a few months from move-in as they finished painting, laying the final […]

The Architect & Me: Part #35 – Exhale Peace

I dreamed someone had broken into our home and robbed us. In the dream I walked into the house, but I didn’t realize initially it had been robbed. Then I saw that all the artwork was gone. (Philly and I had gone to bed talking about artwork for over the mantel). Yesterday, we were at […]

The Architect & Me: Part #34 – A Word in the Darkness 

When COVID hit our home, it came hard and evil. In my entire life I have never been that sick. Our COVID carrier was my adorable eight-year-old niece who had snuggled in the bed with me while we watched Hallmark movies. When COVID pneumonia set into my lungs, along with severe dehydration, the vision God […]

The Architect & Me: Part #33 – Cabinets, Colors and Reclaiming

One of the most painful moments in my life took place in a kitchen. It was the kitchen in my first home of my first marriage. I sat on the floor, pots around me as I tried to place them in the cabinet, while tears came out in bursts and fits. I was newly married. […]

The Architect & Me: Part #32 – Let There Be Light

I heard someone once say, “Lighting in a home is like jewelry on a woman.” It could not be more true. You could make it bold or brash. Glitzy or blingy. Subtle or simple. The options were endless. The very first light fixtures I purchased were for our gallery. I had known from the moment […]