Weekend Experience FAQ

A conference is a place where information is simply deposited, taken in, and then accessed when needed. An experience is an encounter, a place where you are impacted in all five of your senses and in all aspects of your mind, heart, and spirit; then, you are given time, space, and freedom to dig deeper into what you are encountering.
  • You are in beautiful environments.
  • You are refreshed by the surroundings.
  • You are fed really good food that has you lingering around the table.
  • You are served extravagantly and hugged often by a team of dedicated servants.
  • You are given deep Biblical truths and invited into meaningful worship.
At an Experience the table is set before you for the opportunity to experience the love of Christ in virtually every way. Many attendees have left saying, “I can’t describe it. You simply have to experience it.”
Our Experiences are diverse in offerings and attendees. We have co-ed experiences where singles and couples alike attend, as well as couples only, women only, ministry leaders and their spouses, and women in leadership.

You will also encounter many ethnicities and people from diverse Christian denominational backgrounds. Some may worship like you and others may not, so it may require of you elements of both openness to those who come, expressing their worship in different ways, and honoring those differences. But, it is a place where all hearts are welcomed and a place where we have discovered that the attendees often have great impact on each other as you share your stories and this Experience.
No, as not every weekend focuses on this book. If your weekend does, we will let you know.
No. Because of the time allotment it would be impossible to cover all of the hearts in the book. Denise is exceptionally prayerful and chooses the hearts she feels the Lord has chosen for that weekend, specifically for the hearts that will be there. That is why, if you come to multiple Experiences, you will hear hearts covered that you didn’t hear before. God knows which hearts will be at each Experience and He designs the messages accordingly.
Completely casual and comfortable.
  • Be ministered to and refreshed in every area of your being: body, soul, and spirit.
  • Receive vulnerable teaching and tangible tools for both the reclamation and growth of your heart.
  • Encounter encouragement from the stories of others and your own personal discoveries for the next season of your journey.
But ultimately what you take away will be up to you. Some come with expectations. Some come not even knowing why they are coming. We have discovered that the best way to come is to come open and willing to simply listen to what God wants to speak to you, and to be greedy in all that is offered. This experience was created for heart hunger; simply ask God to stir it up before you arrive and then assume freedom in receiving all that He provides.
For many, this is a frightening thought that can prove the make it or break it moment of attending an experience. So, we have structured this experience with the opportunity for you to engage as little or as much as you want. We do have a short icebreaker at the beginning of our experience simply to allow you to meet each other. So far, no one has passed out from this! And it has proven to be a real gift to everyone by the time the weekend is over. We also have men-only sessions, women-only sessions, couple-only sessions, and single-only sessions if that is how your experience breaks down. Inside of these sessions only the people who want to verbally engage do. Again, we have a saying around here that Ken coined quite a few years ago, “Assume Freedom.” We give people the complete freedom to choose how much they want to engage or share in any aspect of the experience.
These times are so intimate and holy that we choose not to record them in any way. We also ask that sessions not be recorded by attendees as well.
All sessions will be held at Philly & Denise’s home. Accommodations are all Reynold’s property cottages. You will have your own private bed and bath, but will share the cottage with others who are attending the experience.
  • “We received more than what we came expecting. You could tell that much prayer and fasting was invested for this experience.”
  • “Great to have time to explore, be with my spouse, ponder God’s creation and the teachings.”
  • “I was impacted greatly by how quick and genuine the community among the attendees emerged.”
  • “I felt the free time was just the right strike of balance with the depth and richness of what was offered in the teaching times.”
  • “Free time felt like church outside! Communing with God and nature and the beauty and peace… Jesus just met us in this place.”
  • “The meals were outstanding. I looked forward to each one.”
  • “Appreciated the honesty and transparency of the team. I have never encountered this. It created in me a desire to be more real with others.”
  • “The vulnerability of Denise and Philly is inspiring and encouraging. It’s easy to trust people who trust you enough to be real with you.”
  • “The worship! Just when I thought I was on overload then we would worship.”
  • “God reminded me that I am unforgettable, noticeable and not missed.”
  • “I thought I hated journaling. Until now. This opened up to me something I never even knew I needed, but now see both the gift and power of such a simple act.”
  • “This weekend was far more than I expected. God met me where I was, answering almost immediately questions I had asked on the drive down. The RHM Team does such an amazing job at facilitating an encounter with God.”
  • “Just wished the weekend was longer.”