Secrets Over Sweet Tea


We were in the process of negotiating my new non-fiction Reclaiming Your Heart: A Journey back to Laughing, Loving and Living when my editor suggested writing a novel on the same theme. I loved the idea! And I knew Franklin, Tennessee was the place to set it.

Scarlett Jo Newberry was my first creation. I loved her. She was honest and free. And she was what I had fought so hard to become after years of living shut-down and dead. I also knew people needed to see characters move from being shut-down to coming back to life, so I created Grace and Zach. I have really enjoyed having men be main characters in my novel. I love offering readers another perspective. I think it is so easy to get so narrow in our focus and perspective that we often don’t realize all of the stories that are out there. I think Zach holds a powerful story in this novel.