Good Monday Morning Devotional


A 52 Week Devotional that takes one thought and allows you to dig in for the entire week. A perfect way to start a Monday Morning.

How many times have you awoken to realize it’s Monday… again?

The rushing thoughts of the week ahead. The demands. The tugs. The never-ending merry-go-round of life. But what if instead of the first thoughts being on the to-do list, they were instead on the get-to-do list? What if you could stop, drink that cup of coffee or hot tea and just breathe? Breathe in God’s word and then take that same word and allow it to simmer inside of you all week long.

Take and expanded from her weekly Monday Musing Video Devotionals, Denise Hildreth Jones has offered your heart a respite. Instead of a new devotional each day, she has unfolded one devotional on Monday for you to dig into, reflect on and pray into throughout your week. Who knows, this journey might just give you an entirely new way to look at Monday. You might even awaken with these words, Good Monday Morning!