Courage To Lead: Leadership that Makes Walls Fall


First, we lead personally. Guarding and protecting our own hearts takes leadership of the greatest kind. Second, we lead relationally. Each of us has relationships in our life that look to us for wisdom, protection or love. And thirdly, we lead visionally. Each of us has some vision that God has placed in us to steward and guide. However, God will often allow challenges, obstacles, walls even to stand between us and our promise land moments. Why? Because He will test our faith. He knows that men and women who are willing to trust His promises in-spite of what they see are men and women He can use to make walls fall.

Joshua was a leader who made walls fall. He was a man of faith, a man of integrity, a man of courage and a man who had a deep and abiding relationship with God. That deep abiding made him a man God could use. Because it was Joshua who was ultimately led the children of Israel into the land of their promise.

We have a land of promise too! Don’t you love hearing that! And no giants we encounter, whether personally or relationally or visionally can keep us from that promise if we are willing to lead in a way that can make walls fall! Join Denise for this powerful and insightful study. Courage to Lead: Leadership that Makes Walls Fall.

Denise Hildreth Jones is an author and Bible Teacher. She makes her home in Franklin, TN where she leads Reclaiming Hearts Ministries and is
the wife to Mr. Jones, the bonus-mom to five kiddos and the companion to one shih-tzu. She loves cold cokes, good books, long walks and deep conversation. And Jesus… yes, she loves Jesus.